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2011 CB Festival

2011 Connecticut ASBDA Adjudication Festival
To be announced

The basic rules for the 2011 ASBDA Adjudication Festival are as follows:

1. Register and pay the fee
2. Select one work for band from the ASBDA Required List
3. Pick two other pieces that meet the needs of your band.
4. You will sight-read at one grade level below your piece from the ASBDA list. - see sight-reading rules below
5. You must provide two sets of scores for the adjudicators

Your band will be scheduled for a performance of your three concert selections.  The score from this performance will make up 80% of your final score.  After your performance your band will be given a clinic by one of the adjudicators.  Your band will also be scheduled for the sight-reading room where they will sight-read one band composition.  This will account for the other 20% of your total score.

Before leaving the festival you will receive:

1. Score sheets with points awarded in the areas of stage presentation, tone quality, intonation, technical ability, style, musical effect, and interpretation, as well as written comments of your band's performance from the two adjudicators

2. Taped comments of your band's performance

3.   A plaque with your overall rating.  The rating system is based upon national standards.  They are:  Superior, Outstanding, Excellent, and Commendable.

Please feel free to contact the festival chair if you have any further questions regarding this year’s festival.


Sight-Reading Procedures

Students will take their usual seat.

The Director reviews two scores and selects one.

The Director has five minutes to study the chosen score while parts are being distrbuted to the band

The students have five minutes to silently study their part.

The Director has five additional minutes to provide the Band with verbal directions only.

The Director and students may sing or clap parts and/or rhythms.

The students may "finger along" as the Director teaches.

The students MAY NOT actually play their instruments during the instruction period.

After the instruction time ends the Director conducts the Band through the entire selection.

Upon completion, the students place their parts back in the folder or the music is collected in score order.

The Adjudictor may say a few words before dismissal.




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